giving brussels sprouts a little lovin’

Oh, hello! Over the past few months, I have been camera-less and quite busy, and I have dearly missed sharing my cooking adventures with you. But now armed with a new camera and some much-appreciated time on my hands, I decided it was time to show mumble pie some love by cooking up a veggie that is often sadly relegated to people’s hate list: the Brussels sprout.

I love cooking with fresh ingredients, but as a college student with an unpredictable schedule and conservative budget, I often rely on bags of frozen veggies to ensure that I minimize waste and maximize my ability to cook healthy food fast. However, I have recently been challenging myself to use more fresh ingredients by buying one or two fresh vegetables per week and making a couple of dishes that will keep me well-fed for a few days. Knowing that I need to use the vegetables before they spoil motivates me to get in the kitchen and come up with inventive recipes.

This afternoon at the grocery store I had my eyes on the Brussels sprouts. Over winter break in Miami, I ate the most delicious ginger glazed Brussels sprouts from a food truck. They were caramelized and juicy and spicy and sweet and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those heavenly little morsels! So, with a bag of Brussels in hand, I set out to use those flavors to make a delicious stir fry of Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, tofu, onions, brown rice, and lots of ginger.

I first sauteed the onions and ginger together, and then added the Brussels sprouts to get them caramelized. I then added in the mushrooms and tofu and let everything cook a little longer. Once everything had a nice golden color to it, I splashed in some soy sauce and sriracha, and added two generous spoonfuls of brown sugar. I popped a lid on the pan and let everything steam and soften a bit.

When the Brussels sprouts were fork tender and the tofu and mushrooms had soaked in all the sweet and spicy flavors, I added in some cooked brown rice, and voila! A heaping helping of gingery Brussels sprouts fried rice was served! Better yet, I have loads of leftovers in the fridge to last until at least the middle of the week, when I’ll tackle vegetable #2…

I hope to be better about updating my cooking adventures in the coming weeks. Until then, go take a stroll through the farmer’s market or produce department and see what inspires you!


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