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As Erica noted at the end of her last post, I’m no longer in Miami. With the end of the summer came my return to college in St. Louis, where I trade mango trees and snorkeling adventures for apple orchards and trips to the Mississippi. But fear not. In my humble abode (dorm, really) I plan to make the most of my small fridge, microwave, and newly purchased toaster oven to continue cooking and blogging. While I may be lacking the amenities of home (and Erica’s partnership), I am definitely equipped for some exciting culinary experimentation.

This first post from St. Louis, however, comes from the comforts of a home kitchen. My roommate, Jorie, lives near campus and invited us over for dinner last night. I was thrilled to be a guest in her lovely home, but I couldn’t resist the urge to contribute to the meal. On Saturday, I had taken a trip to the Soulard Market, a large open-air farmers market near the river that was chock-full of gorgeous homegrown peaches, juicy nectarines, emerald zucchini, and gigantic sweet potatoes. The market also had some Midwestern delights, like Amish cinnamon bread, fresh goat cheese, and elk meat. Not only was everything fresh, it was extremely cheap. I brought back a combination of two dozen peaches and nectarines that cost only $3! It was these juicy jewels that became the star of last night’s dessert.

Jorie’s parents were kind enough to lend me some counter space and ingredients, and I whipped up a peach, nectarine, and blueberry crisp. The recipe is similar to one I made before. It requires little effort, but capitalizes on the flavor of the fresh fruit. Served warm with a healthy dose of cool vanilla ice cream, it was a great ending to a wonderful night spent at Jorie’s and a perfect segue into mumble pie’s westward expansion


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