sunday at the farmer’s market

Today we trekked down south to the Homestead Farmer’s Market. With tightly packed kiosks, makeshift taco shops, and a soundtrack of produce names and prices being called out in Spanish, the excitement was palpable. Amidst the sweltering heat and amongst a crowd of weekend shoppers, we eagerly strolled the aisles, marveling at the freshness and insane cheapness of everything that surrounded us.

But before we could make any purchases to bring home, we had to get something to savor in the moment. Having already eaten brunch, we were looking for a light snack and found our perfect match in the fresh-sliced fruit cups sold by many of the vendors. We split a copious cup of ripe mango and an overflowing bowl of watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, and fresh coconut. They were both seasoned with a sprinkling of salt and chili pepper and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. It was heaven.

Our first purchase of Japanese eggplants beckoned us with their bright amethyst sheen. They were sold 3 for $1, and we excitedly loaded them into our canvas tote. We’re hoping to use them for dinner tomorrow night. We also bought a huge bag of key limes ($1), a bag of tomatillos ($1), an avocado ($1 – other vendors had them even cheaper), half a pound of cherry tomatoes ($0.50), and two yellow tomatoes ($0.50). The drive to get there may be long, but the prices and the freshness are hard to beat.

For dinner we were inspired by our afternoon’s purchases to make a Mexican twist on shrimp and grits. I made polenta sweetened with fresh corn and honey and emboldened with some grated cheddar. We topped it with a simple sautee of chorizo and shrimp, diced tomatoes and avocado from the market, cilantro, lime, and the ultimate topper: Erica’s homemade tomatillo salsa (not pictured, but to be blogged about soon). It was a great meal to enjoy a summer night and to celebrate our day’s adventures.

Information on the market:
Homestead Farmer’s Market
Intersection of US-1 and 244th St.
Although it’s open during the week, there aren’t nearly as many vendors as there are on the weekends.  Saturday and Sunday during the day are the best times to go.



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3 responses to “sunday at the farmer’s market

  1. Aunt Susan

    next time you go, give me a call!!

  2. Silver

    Could you add info about the market? (address/hours) Just curious, where was brunch you had just come from? Always looking for new places to try.

  3. Joanna

    We’ve added the address/hours of the market. Yesterday’s brunch was actually at our grandma’s house —just some bagels, salads, and crumb cake that I posted about earlier.

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