summer sliders

Inspired by the recent New York Times article, I decided to invent my own trio of sliders for the family this weekend. Joanna made them even more delicious with yeasty sesame mini buns that had our kitchen smelling like the Fuddruckers bakery.

The classic burger was our favorite. For the burgers I used fresh ground chuck from the butcher with a bit of horseradish and onion, cooked on an outdoor grill pan. Each patty was about 2 ounces before cooking. For the toppings, I made a homemade mayonnaise, dill pickle slice, sautéed onions, and ketchup.

The Cuban Frita Slider is a riff on the frita sandwich you can find in the cafés of Little Havana. I used 60% ground chuck and 40% chorizo molido, ground uncooked Spanish sausage. The original frita is topped with ketchup and fried potato strings. Our version is accompanied by homemade cilantro mayonnaise and a plantain slice.

Finally, the quail egg slider used the same burger and mayonnaise as the classic and is topped with a sunny-side-up quail egg. The lemony zestiness of the mayonnaise paired with the creamy yolk made a simply delicious slider.

We enjoyed the meal with a light orange broccoli slaw with sesame-roasted almonds and spiced sweet potato wedges.


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  1. I’m inspired. The quail egg slider looks intriguing. I can haz cheezburger?

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