mumble crumble

Grandma was having some people over for brunch and wanted a dessert for the occasion. Her request was for “something that would go well with a cup of coffee.” I immediately thought of a crumb cake: the kind with a dense yet tender bottom pebbled with an equally thick layer of cinnamony crust.

I used this recipe for New York-Style Crumb Cake. It comes from America’s Test Kitchen, which is both a PBS show and the maker of Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Their approach to recipe writing is to provide the methodology behind each ingredient used and every gadget required, making their magazine a fascinating read for a science-loving foodie like me. The result of their scrupulously tested recipes is generally perfection, and this crumb cake did not stray from the norm. The soft cake was infused with a light vanilla flavor and topped with buttery brown sugar-cinnamon crumbs. Served in generous chunks and emanating with freshly-baked warmth, it was a wonderful addition to Grandma’s brunch spread.


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