c’est parfait

Since Joanna posted her ode to the our favorite fruit, our luck has only increased, bringing with it more family whose yards are drooping with the weight of a thousand mangoes. They happily share bags full of perfect fruit, colored like the sunrise and sweeter than Eden.  I agree with my sister that a mango is ideally enjoyed on its own, however I’ve become very fond of my mango parfait.

 To assemble, layer diced mango, organic vanilla yogurt, and homemade granola (0.5cups:0.5cups:0.25cups).  For that last month I’ve eaten one almost daily for breakfast, lunch, or a snack.  It tastes sinfully good, and is equally good for you.  This ratio of fruit, dairy, whole grain and a few nuts is full of satieting energy that keeps my stomach full and my mouth feeling sweet for hours.  Best of all, it’s convenient and portable enough to pack up in the morning rush, 45 seconds tops.  Thanks to Joanna, who makes sure the fridge is never void of neatly diced mango, I simply fill a 4 oz. tupperware with mango, a 2 oz. with granola (Kath has a tasty recipe), grab a yogurt and I’m out the door.  At work I mix it all rather inelegantly in a drinking cup for 10 minutes of tropical euphoria amidst the daily grind. 



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3 responses to “c’est parfait

  1. Wow, looks delicious and easy. I’m happy to have found other mango lovers.

  2. Joanna

    It takes a fellow South Floridian to truly appreciate the incredibleness of the mango!

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